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New 'Carbon' Man Comb
'Carbon' Man Comb
'Carbon' Man Comb
'Carbon' Man Comb
'Carbon' Man Comb
'Carbon' Man Comb

New 'Carbon' Man Comb

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Our first material upgrade of the Man Comb since it’s launch

The new ‘Carbon’ Man Comb is made from a carbon fibre composite, making it even tougher and scratch resistant.

It's also anti-static and resistant to both heat and chemicals.

This, along with the new etching design, is the last step in our kaizen process of refining every aspect of the design and manufacture.

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Personalised Carbon version available here


  • New fibre reinforced material to handle rough treatment.
  • A man-sized comb and bottle opener that fits in your pocket: compact and practical. 
  • Adjustable tightness
  • The comb is fitted with a neodymium magnet which stabilises the comb.
  • The graphics are laser-etched on the stainless steel handle meaning they won’t fade, rust or rub off. 
  • Made from our new super strong and scratch resistant carbon fibre composite.
  • Each comb is assembled and finished by hand in Manchester, UK.


Size: H 11.2cm x W 3.1cm x D 0.75cm. Weight: 45g

Comb in Case: H 12cm x W 3.8cm x D 2.6cm.  Weight: 72g